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Breeze Thru Employment Application

    Personal Information - Must be 16 to apply

  • Please fill out your availability for each day of the week to the nearest half hour. Shifts begin at 6:00am and end as late as 9:00pm. If unavailable on a particular day, please enter "N/A" for that day.
  • College/Post High School Education

  • Military Experience

  • High School Education

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  • Appearance Policy

  • All applicants must abide by the included, but not limited to, following company policies to be considered for employment with Breeze Thru Car Wash:

    Tattoos- All tattoos must be covered while clocked in. No visible neck or facial tattoos are acceptable.

    Jewelry- Only one stud earring per ear is allowed, necklaces must be tucked in shirt at all times, no facial piercings (includes tongue) allowed while clocked in. Do not wear bracelets or any other ornament that might scratch a customer’s car or cause you to receive an injury.

    Facial Hair- No facial hair is allowed at a Flex Serve location-Longmont & Greeley. There is a separate Facial Hair Policy for Express Exterior locations.
  • Disclaimer

  • I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. If this application leads to employment, I understand that false or misleading information in my application or interview may result in my release. By submitting this form to Breeze Thru Car Wash is accepting this as your e-signature for this employment application.